Case Study Co.

posted by Gio on November 13, 2015

I’ve always wanted to make a better looking world. I believe in innovation. Everything can be improved aesthetically. That’s what Case Study Co. is all about.

Jordan May, creator of Case Study Co., gives us a quick breakdown behind the significance of his clothing.



Iso-late was the first hand made piece I put out for Case Study Co. For the most part, we are always going to be dealing with the same clothing silhouettes. Long sleeves, short sleeves, tank tops, shorts, pants etc. When designing Iso-late I knew I was dealing with the silhouette of a short sleeve. I knew I had to add something minor to give this piece a new refreshing look. I decided to add the thick ribbed cuff around the bottom opening of the sleeve. It’s something that you don’t see which is why I needed to bring this idea to life. Adding this gave the piece a timeless look that many have given me great praise about. Ever since the creation of Iso-late, I sit down and brainstorm what minor tweaks can be made to each piece that will further distance myself as an independent designer. Iso-late was a good piece to release first. I believe it really shows my art direction with CS.



Growing up I always wanted to be an architect, until I realized math wasn’t my strong suit. I’ve always wanted to make a better looking world. I believe in innovation. Everything can be improved aesthetically. That’s what Case Study Co. is all about. It’s a detailed observation of one or multiple parties. I’m taking the time to think about what the world needs to see next in each piece I make. I sat down and took my time with Angles and I’m glad that this has been my best seller so far. I took a different angle on this one (no pun intended) I wanted it to be dimensional. Adding seams to a piece helps me achieve dimension, it allows me to be progressive. I put a large diagonal seam across the front body of Angles. Where I felt I created something beautiful is with the sleeves. A diagonal seam across the front and back of both sleeves is refreshing and I brought my passion for architectural progression into this piece. This piece is an eye catcher and I was content with knowing that I could bring this idea to life. This has been my best seller so far and I believe that people really do appreciate the thought that was put into this garment. Isn’t it interesting how you can deconstruct and cut something up, sew it back together and end up with something aesthetically innovative and progressive?



Nostalgia was a piece that I designed for CS Fall/Winter 15. I decided to release this piece as a teaser so everyone who cares could see what FW 15 would look like as far as the art direction and color pallets go. Cream and ivory in my opinion are extremely multi functional colors. It almost substitutes white in reference to building a neutral and clean outfit. I wanted to use a ribbed material for this piece for the simple fact that you don’t see a ton of ribbed shirts. It feels good and has a good weight to it. This piece features an ivory ribbed body and sleeve with the second black sleeve for contrast. Simple and functional with a refreshing look. I left this shirt hanging in place of a painting in my apartment for about a week because it’s tasteful. Making the world look better each stitch at a time.