Duke Jordan

posted by Joseph on March 6, 2016

Duke Jordan gives us a straightforward ballad that leaves us wanting more. Natalie is an emotionally transparent song in a playful format.

On the internet, attention acts as currency. Most of what we consume now is compact and to the point. There’s far more content than one could ever hope to spend time with in one lifetime. It can be difficult to stand out among all the noise, which is why a concise statement is more important than ever. Duke Jordan has arrived with his statement in the form of ‘Natalie.’

The song runs for a little under a minute; a straightforward ballad that leaves an impression. The wistful production comes courtesy of bow, while the mix is handled by Jakob Green. Duke’s wispy voice and emotionally honest lyricism perfectly complement the pensive piano that dominates the instrumental. In the case of ‘Natalie’ the parts add up to an excellent whole. Listen to the track below.