Xavier Alexander

posted by Daniel on November 13, 2015

On Sets, Xavier Alexander goes out of the box and arranges multiple vocal samples over a lush set of minor chords. The song runs short under two minutes, yet Xavier is still able to pull you in and grasp your attention. Overall, the track itself will take you on a very weird trip to outer space in which time is irrelevant and Juelz Santana’s Dipset is playing in the distant background.

Sets is a completely random name. That’s usually how I name the majority of the songs I make. This particular one was a quick one. Made it in about 30 minutes. I’ve been messing around with new sounds, and new sampling techniques (grabbing random sounds or vocal chops and just really processing them) which you can hear a little bit on Sets, but will definitely hear a lot more of on my next project. Still no title or release date on that yet, though.