The Smoker’s Playlist
Ganja Jesus

posted by Daniel on December 4, 2015

The prolific Ganja Jesus is here to walk us through 3 of the latest tracks that have been added to his “Smokers Playlist” to help you sit back and unwind your mind.

One of the great things about music is our ability to share it. A large portion of my favorite songs at the moment have been able to reach my ears because of other people’s recommendations. Whether it’s through word of mouth sharing, scrolling through random people’s Soundcloud likes, or simply browsing through the nonsense I see on Twitter; I’m always exposed to the music others are listening to. Today I was able to bring in a good pal of mine and like myself, he is very guilty of spending way too much time on Twitter. However, that does not take anything away from this guys ear for good music. The prolific Ganja Jesus is here to walk us through 3 of the latest tracks that have been added to his “Smokers Playlist” to help you sit back and unwind your mind.

Y’all probably never heard of me because I’m not important but for now you can call me GJ. I’ve been asked by my good friend byrdwatcher to tell you guys about the latest songs that have been on my rotation. So I decided to dig into my Smoker’s Playlist and give ya’ll a couple songs that I’ve personally been enjoying.

When I first light my joints, I like to play something smooth that just puts my soul at ease before I inhale and REALLY put my soul at ease. Mothica’s first single “No One” has been doing just that job for me. We hear the layered vocals of Mothica bringing out a harmony of herself over a space-like instrumental that brings the nostalgia of watching Off the Air videos at 3 AM. I find myself listening to her lyrics preaching independence as I daydream on a cloud over pink and purple cosmos the same hue as a double cup in the hands of Future. A definite must hear for those looking for a new artist with an atmospheric sound.

While I do love to be relaxed during my sessions, sometimes I just need a song that’ll make me dab so hard my neck cracks. I’ve found that from my favorite collaborators Metro Boomin and my personal Jesus, Young Thug with their release of “Hercules”. Days before this single released however, Metro and Thugger had a falling out due to a misunderstanding (sounds like my parent’s divorce). Thankfully, they were able to clear up the matter by the time this banger released. Here we have the astonishing mixture of sounds orchestrated by the young genius Metro Boomin while we hear the trademark fluctuating voice of Young Thug as well as his self praise and ascension from street hustler to a Blooded Greek God. With songs like this, I just want to go to the nearest tattoo shop and get his face etched into my chest to show my love and appreciation of our beloved Thugger Christ.

As I take these last couple hits, I usually want to hear something with a bang to it but remains mellow. “Vitamin Water” by Oliver~ is usually the right remedy for moments like this. While this is a rap song, it’s not so much his lyrics that captivate me but the fact that the production is handled by Oliver~ as well. With other examples of his melodic abstract production such as “Diamond64” and “~ kkkkuuuusssshhhh ~”, I thought this song would be the best intro to him, seeing as it’s his most minimal work. As you listen, you’re suddenly hit with something that sounds like the production for a birth child of Yung Lean and Future, a mixture of blurry keys and fuzzy horns playing over subtle drums all while topped by the slurred lyrics of the producer himself.

Now I mean, I would love to add more songs to this list, but this ember is reaching the filter and I’ve got the munchies like a motherfucker so it’s time for me to step back from the monitor and get me something to eat. Maybe I’ll get me some Cane’s and cop another sack so I have a reason to go through my Smoker’s Playlist again. Until next time, stay up ya’ll. (No 40 Oz Van)