Two Perspectives
Nicholas Edmond x Erik Saevi

posted by Gio on November 13, 2015

For this Two Perspectives set, photographers Nicholas Edmond and Erik Saevi reveal two different angles on the same set of topics. They share their memories and experiences with this collection of images that give off a nostalgic and homesick feeling.


Nicholas Edmond


I took this picture while I went camping for the first time and I was in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of nature yet I still felt like I was at home which was strange to me.

Erik Saevi


There was strong sense of a natural home feeling when this photo was taken. It made me feel like I was at home even though I was far from it.



N Well, it’s just the perfect family portrait, everyone is looking the same way, all matching, and they all look happy. What more could you ask for?


E Family can mean whatever you want it to but to me family is anyone who cares about you and at flaskmob everyone is there for the same reason. I’ve never felt so close to a bunch of strangers before in my life. It’s all love and everyone cares about what you do.



N One of my favorite candids, my friend Karina at a Summertime Festival. It’s one of my favorite pictures because this is Karina to me, a happy, peaceful person and I love it.


E LA will make you feel things that no other place can. Everywhere you go there is culture and different feelings. There’s a lot of different emotions that go into this photo. I don’t think anyone will see that because it’s a simple photo. I took this in the middle of a music video shoot in LA. I went to LA to shoot a music video and in that moment I was just in awe about the direction my life is going.



N Why’d I choose a picture of myself? Because I’ve started to feel as though I’m losing myself and I think this shadow figure is a perfect representation of how I’ve been feeling, like a stranger in my own mind. Cheesy right??


E The mask is an ideal way to symbolize a stranger. When anyone looks at a stranger you don’t know anything about them just as if they were wearing a mask.



N I chose this picture because it brings back so many memories, memories of friends, memories of dreams, it just gives me this enigmatic feeling, but it almost feels too personal to share.


E This photo is of someone who I look at and get an instant nostalgic feeling. I miss the way things used to be.