Two Perspectives
David Keav x Chauncey La Borde

posted by Daniel on November 13, 2015

We focus on two photographers, Chauncey La Borde and David Keav, for this Two Perspectives set. They give us a look through their lens as they both show us their perspectives on the same set of topics.

Favorite Track

Chauncey La Borde

The story behind this photo is wild. My friend and I had planned to go to Rockaway Beach super early in the morning to catch the sunrise for a music video that I was shooting for him. As soon as we got to the beach I had immediately thought of Frank Ocean’s song Electric Feel from Nostalgia Ultra. It almost felt like I was in a scene from the unmade video of the song. That song basically embodies what the album feels like so I felt like capturing the beach at that moment was meant to happen. Almost as if I caught the stillness of the moment and only I know how that moment made me feel.

David Keav

There is a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths. I would say The Smiths are one of my favorite bands and this song never fails to make me super emotional haha. It makes me think of this girl, obviously, and I don’t know, seeing the moon on this night made me wish I was with her driving around aimlessly. I have a cool short film idea for this song. Not going to shoot it until everything’s right, though. I need the right person to play ‘her’ as well.

Comfort Space

C Sometimes I just go to Forest Park and purposely get lost. I try not to walk around with music or I’ll put my phone on do not disturb. The sun poking through the leaves made me feel like a kid again. It’s like that moment when you’re a certain age and you start to actually remember your memories. I felt like I was looking up at leaves for the first time all over again.

D I actually really hate this photo. My room is so small there’s no good angle to shoot in there. I actually opened up my window and went outside to get this shot. My room is really important to me. Nobody can tell me what to do, or judge me, or anything. It’s my sanctuary away from the world. I have posters of my biggest inspirations hanging above my bed, and pink and blue Christmas lights. Makes me think of cotton candy. I just changed my sheets too. All white with a baby blue blanket, it makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. My room is my favorite place to create and watch movies and other weird stuff. I’m a little kid when I’m alone in my room; real life doesn’t exist. This house really hasn’t felt like home lately so my room has been pretty crucial to me during this time.


C This photo was from a project I was working on that was reflecting the level of openness with the world that a person may have based on their exterior wounds and compared it with the physical state of an orange. I had recently stopped talking to this girl I had really liked and realized how I dealt with it and how it made me feel and tried to convert that energy into the stillness of a fruit.

D This is my favorite photo ever. I don’t care what anyone says. I was out doing a shoot for my bff Albert. We were walking around some random place in the middle of nowhere he dragged me out to. This one area looked like it was straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. After, we saw these orange trucks and decided to go check them out, and as soon as I saw the cone I made him put it on his head. I’m still obsessed with the way this photo came out. Albert thinks my infatuation is weird, but he’s the one who put the cone on his head. s/o Albert I miss you.


C To me Kevin Abstract is one of the biggest visionaries of our generations. This was from the CMJ showcase not too long ago. I remember being the only person on the left side of the stage that knew all the words to 27. I was probably jumping around while I took this picture.

D I feel like this concept is so played out, but as soon as I got the photo topics this is the only shot that came to mind. I’ve been in a weird head space lately. Everything feels kind of hazy, I don’t know. This photo does a better job of representing my brain than words ever could.

Favorite Time of Day

C The night time is perfect for anything. You can indulge in your favorite movie. You can think back. You can plot on your future. To me the world is complete still once it’s past midnight. The streets are empty. No cars. No people. Just you and your thoughts. I find myself really focusing on finding time to think because I always get the sudden urge that one day everything is just going to speed up. It’s just going to happen out of nowhere. I’m going to sitting in my apartment and I won’t remember that one summer I was walking home late at night from that thing and I’ll get brief flashbacks of that one girl. Pictures like these help me remember the things I think about at night.

D I like watching the world around me fall asleep.