posted by Gio on December 3, 2015

I’ve been always passionate with what I’m doing, but sometimes I just feel that I don’t belong in the art world.

I am Assi Abogado, people also know me as Unison ちゃん over the internet.
I grew up with my mom and my sister who are both artists, so that’s how I knew I could also draw. I got a letter in the mail from this art school here in the Philippines saying that I got accepted to their facility. That’s how I got formed into an artist.

I’ve experienced a lot in that school, 2D, 3D and even how to properly critique artwork. Well at first it feels easy, but then my anxiety and stress consumed me so I didn’t get to finish there. I got really depressed and the only way that I could release that burden was to draw. I keep drawing and drawing but yet sometimes I still feel empty.


It was a long process changing as a person and as an artist, a lot of people in my surroundings didn’t really get me. I started growing myself through the influence of the internet and its culture. The internet is a Yin and Yang, there’s a good side and a bad side. Just like how I see some really good art from other artists but it also makes me feel sad on how they could be that great.

Well I don’t know, I’m still growing. I’m only 16 years old and hopefully I could do something better.

No one’s really gonna ask me if I’m okay.

I’ve been always had this certain feeling that I couldn’t put into words, so I made it into a painting.

3rd eye

You know the feeling of everyone judging you?

I shot this at the back of our house, where I usually sit and think about what’s going on. I want the viewers to feel what I feel whenever I see this landscape.


I felt, envious, mad and my depression would never stop me, I always lie down and let myself hallucinate into my crippling thoughts.

I was in love with this guy, that’s how I got inspired to paint this. Then he told me, that it was impossible to be with him.