Richy Woods

posted by Joseph on December 16, 2015

Richie Woods gives Usher’s Love in This Club a lo-fi makeover. Watch the video for wendy directed by Brian Kinnes.

Some musicians move with the times. Adjusting the sound of your work to fit neatly into the current zeitgeist seems like the quickest way to win listeners over. And then there’s artists like Richie Woods. He has clearly found the style that suits him most and he’s stuck with it. The result speaks for itself.

With poignant lyrics full of non-sequiturs, Richie has carved out his own lane. His hard work culminated in the recent album, wow cool, released earlier this year. Standout track ‘wendy’ has been given a fittingly melancholy video to match the song’s brand of lo-fi bedroom pop.

Director Brian Kinnes has delivered distinct visuals that stand out among the work of his contemporaries. The music video resembles an old home video, grainy and wistful. Richie Woods continues to be simultaneously uncompromising and absolutely surprising, as he interpolates Usher’s Love in This Club as readily as he pens the deeply personal witticisms that he’s known for.